Working towards a healthier Lagoons Catchment

The Lagoons are at the heart of the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens and was the location of Mackay's first settlement and water supply. However 150 years of development, industry and agriculture have led to this scenic waterway suffering with increased nutrient levels, high amounts of sediment and a loss of the original vegetation.

The Botanic Gardens are working with Aurecon to identify the major impacts and risks in order to develop a Catchment Management Plan for the Lagoons and the Lagoons Creek catchment.

Much of the Lagoons in the Botanic Gardens will have exotic and weed species removed and replaced with local native riparian vegetation for habitat and food for wildlife.

Reef Catchments have commenced revegetation programs in 2013 both downstream along Lagoons Creek and upstream at the Racecourse Mill, Mackay Regional Council will work with key stakeholders to improve water quality by planting trees, controlling exotic water weeds and encouraging landholders to improve riparian vegetation.

Please see the attached documentation on how we are working towards a healthier Lagoons Catchment.