The Society for Growing Australian Plants (Mackay Branch Native Plants Queensland)

Native Plants Queensland is a new trading name but the Mackay Branch has been known as SGAP Mackay for decades. It was formed on 13 July 1978 and is one of eighteen branches affiliated to the Queensland Region Society which itself is a member of the Australian Native Plants Society (ANSPA).  Since formation of the branch, many thousands of plants have been planted, a wealth of knowledge has accrued within the membership and variously published. Members have served as advisors to many government and non-government organisations, volunteered for surveys and on-ground projects, provided submissions, plant lists and information for numerous proposals and projects within the district. This contribution has been recognised by the wider community in the form of various honours which have been bestowed on some senior members.

Meetings, usually held on the first Thursday of the month in the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens (MRBG) meeting room from 7.30pm, area wonderful way to learn about native plants and how to grow them in a friendly atmosphere. Show & Tell or Show & Ask is a regular feature.  Meetings conclude with supper and a raffle.

Visitors/guests are always warmly welcomed.

Mackay Branch and the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens (MRBG)

The branch has a particularly strong and on-going commitment to the MRBG dating back well before the Lagoons Reserve was designated as the site for a botanic garden. The branch began advocating for the establishment of an Australian Native Plants Botanical Gardens to preserve representative samples of the Mackay district plant communities in 1985. It took until the 1990’s before planning and planting of the Lagoons Habitat Reserve was underway. The branch was actively involved at every step and eventually these gardens became the Regional Forests gardens within the MRBG. From early 2000, the branch was represented on the Steering Committee that developed the original Master Plan and guided development of the gardens leading up to the official opening in May 2003. Members also planted thousands of plants during this time.  Members were again involved in the revised 2010 Master Plan and the branch was represented on the 2015-16 Advisory Board.  The branch has been operating the MRBG Herbarium since it was set up in 2004, is represented in the Horticultural Reference Group and has an on-going role in the development and maintenance of the Regional Forests gardens, donating plants and holding regular working bees under staff guidance.

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