Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens, features art exhibitions and displays with environmental and cultural themes.

Our Latest exhibition

Botanica 2020 'Voyage of Botanical Discovery' by Mackay Botanical Art Interest Group (BAIG) artists.

Botanica 2020 ‘Voyage of Botanical Discovery’ By Mackay Botanical Art Interest Group (BAIG) artists

Just over 250 years ago, A ‘Voyage of Botanical Discovery’ occurred! Pressings of over 520 new plants / taxa unknown to western science were collected along the route up the east coast of Australia by botanists Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander. These collections, along with thousands of botanical illustrations created by John Reynolds, Sydney Parkinson, and Alexander Buchan, somehow made it back to England in the face of shipwreck, water-logging and dank and humid conditions below decks of the ‘Endeavour’ captained by Lieutenant James Cook.

Fortunately, our local botanical artists had an easier time to make extensive collections and observations of some of the same flora, as many of the collected species grow in our Botanic Gardens and throughout our region. Botanical art combines detail, accuracy and artistry, with many hours needed for each graphite or colour pencil drawing, pastel drawing, watercolour or acrylic painting. Showcases display how the artists take live specimens and create a “living” piece of botanical art via their sketch books, photos and art materials.

The Botanica 2020 ‘Voyage of Botanical Discovery’ Exhibition will be available for viewing from Wednesday 30 September - Sunday 1 November at the Lagoons Gallery within the Botanic Gardens CafĂ©. Opening hours are Wednesday to Friday 9am – 3pm and Weekends 8am – 4pm.

Meet the artist exhibition opening

There will be a meet the artists exhibition opening on Friday, October 2, from 10am to 1pm. Please RSVP for catering by Wednesday, September 30. Email Maya on maya.in.nature@gmail.com or phone 0436 331 009.