Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens, features art exhibitions and displays with environmental and cultural themes.

What's happening in the Lagoons Gallery?

Our June Exhibition

'Botanica 2021 - 'Flora in the Fauna' by artists from Mackay's Botanic Art Interest Group (BAIG)

Botanica 2021 Flora in the Fauna exhibition image

No matter where we go on the planet there are stunning plants, flowers and animals which catch our attention. While botanical art focuses on the exact details and characteristics of plant species, the close observations made by artists are often interrupted by the presence of animal life - fauna in the flora! Leaves are often found with holes or chewed edges and turning a leaf over, a Zodiac Moth caterpillar, Harlequin Bug or Katydid might be spied.

Flowers are often visited by butterflies, birds, moths, bats, beetles and bugs whilst they pollinate for new life, eat or merely rest in the shelter. Silken threads made by hidden creatures make fine nets between stems and ground to trap those on the fly! Go out in a ‘garden’ and before long you’ll see movement, colour, legs or wings amongst the green.

The exhibition is on display from Tuesday, May 25 to Sunday, June 27 in the Lagoons Gallery within the Botanic Gardens Café.