'A Sense of Place' by Margaret Worthington

Tree Kangaroos have always fascinated Margaret. During her visit to far north Queensland, she stayed with a tree kangaroo carer.

She was able to touch, watch and learn about tree kangaroos and became close to two very special animals: Dobby, a young male, just learning about tree climbing, and Kimberley, a female with a young in her pouch.

Margaret also spent time exploring the Crater Lakes National Park, watching birds and studying plants.

She took photos, walked, sketched and made notes and had in mind a series of watercolour paintings for an exhibition. When she returned home to her studio and painted, the paintings had a gentle narrative and developed into this book. Dobby, Young Tree Kangaroo.

Margaret wanted to capture how special tree kangaroos and other inhabitants are in the ecosystem of the Tablelands Wet Rainforest.

This exhibition consists of the Dobby, Young Tree Kangaroo book and the watercolour paintings used in the book. There are also a series of contemporary aluminium sculptures fabricated by Margaret Worthington and Clive Rouse.

Wednesday, December 3 to Sunday January 28, 2020.
Lagoons Gallery at the Botanic Gardens Café (Open Wednesday to Friday 9am to 3pm and weekends 8am to 4pm).
Tree Kangaroo book, paintings and Shorebird sculptures

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