Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens

The Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens is one of Mackay’s
most popular tourist attractions.

It is home to a vast range of tropical flora from Mackay and the
Whitsundays as well as other Australian native and exotic plants
which feature in five ‘culturally-themed’ gardens.

If you’re an animal lover, you’ll be pleased to find that the local
wildlife has made a home amongst the plants and foliage,
making for excellent bird watching opportunities and
insect spotting.

Mackay’s Botanic Gardens also serves as a pleasant
recreational facility featuring over three kilometres of walking
and cycling trails and a unique Cafe, Restaurant and Gallery
overlooking the beautiful lagoons for those who just want to
relax with a cup of coffee and admire the view.


2015 January School Holiday Activities Week 1 Microscopic Marvels

Come to the Botanic Gardens and get up close views of nature
7th January 2015 - 9th January 2015

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2015 January School Holiday Activities Week 2 Web@BotanicGardens.

Is it a Spider's web, the World Wide Web or Spinners and Weavers?
14th Jan 2015 - 16th Jan 2015

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2015 January School Holiday Activities ... the last week Bugs Beetles and Bees

Who is that buzzing at the Botanic Gardens?

21st Jan 2015 - 23rd Jan 2015

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It’s an OPEN and SHUT case… at the Botanic Gardens

Festive season closures.

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‘Power of Nature’ Creative Shots Photo Club’s Annual Exhibition

Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens Lagoons Gallery 
Wednesday 3rd December 2014 – 18th January 2015

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Christmas Orchids are Sun Smart!

If you look very closely at the individual flowers of the Christmas orchid you can see a small child with legs and arms, a cute little face all under a very big sun hat. Come and see them flowering now in the Tropical Shade Garden of the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens.

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