Exploring the screens and hedges

The gardens is a demonstration garden in which native bio-regional shrubs and trees of small to medium size are planted and maintained in a series of formal and informal screens and hedges. Showing their potential for use in horticulture and landscaping designs.

Mock Orange and Prickly Pine

Bursaria tenuifolia is an attractive native shrub ideal for hedging. The leaves are shiny green above and dull beneath, with white flowers about 0.5cm diameter attracting many types of insects.

Mock Orange


Dissiliaria baloghioides, commonly known as Lancewood, is good for use as a screen or hedge on larger garden blocks or acreage planting.  The new growth of leaves are pink turning into a lime green.  Flowering occurs in January to June with small creamy brown panicles.


Red Beach Hibiscus

Hibiscus tiliaceus rubra, commonly known as Red Beach Hibiscus, is a hardy and attractive native shrub ideal for hedging, with its heart shaped maroon to dark green leaves and yellow hibiscus flowers.

This shrub will attract birds and butterflies to your garden. It will tolerate all sorts of inhospitable soils, especially saline with occasional inundation.

Red Beach Hibiscus

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