A meadow of daisies has been planted

More than 500 Golden Everlasting Daisies have been planted along the lagoons edge below the Café deck by Botanic Gardens staff and Friends of the Botanic Gardens.

Many thanks to the Friends for lending a helping hand and to Meryl Ritchie for growing the daisies.

Golden Everlasting Daisies are available in nurseries and can come in a range of different colours including cream, yellow and gold. They have long flowering periods and look stunning. The daisies that have just been planted are a local native species, growing to about 1metre high and they are golden yellow in colour. They will flower from autumn to early summer. They are a great plant to grow to attract butterflies, bees and other insects to your garden.

Golden Everlasting Daisies are also available through Mackay Regional Council’s Free Native Plant Program. For more information on this program, please phone council on 1300 622 529.

Contact: Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens

Phone: 4952 7300

Email: botanic@mackay.qld.gov.au