Australian South Sea Islander Precinct

In 1990, Mackay Regional Council invited South Sea Island organisations to put forward ideas on developing the lagoons area. The re-creation of the South Sea Islander Village was accepted by the community.

In 1993 the Australian South Sea Islander Meeting Hut was built by Council with a building inspector from the islands providing authenticity to the plans in constructing the Long House. The roof and shutters were thatched by the local South Sea Islanders with Blady Grass - gathered in the district.

The village is a historical tourist attraction built for access to the broader community with South Sea Islander caretakers in recognition of the contribution they made to the sugar industry in the Mackay district.

The area has seen significant development in the last decade with the developments of:

  • A large meeting hut used for community meetings and functions
  • Extensive plantings of coconut palms and fruit trees used in the Pacific Islands
  • The attempts made to establish native gardens and traditional food species
  • Traditional sculptures
  • Tree planting of community trees for each family within the Island community