Japanese Sister City - Matsuura

Mackay's most active Sister City relationship is with Matsuura City in Kyushu, Japan. The relationship is fostered by the Mackay/Matsuura Sister City Community Committee, in Mackay, and the Matsuura International Friendship Association, in Matsuura. This relationship has encouraged many visits between the sister cities with a wealth of information and cultural awareness exchanged.

To commemorate this relationship, a Japan Precinct, a simple garden interpretation using Australian natives and plants of Japanese origin in a modern Australian landscape.

Two gardens showcase this link:

  • The Matsuura Logo Garden within the Japan Precinct
  • Matsuura Pond in The Fernery

The Matsuura Logo Garden is a stylized planting. The green band of the logo is represented by Mondo Grass - Ophiopogan japonicus - a native to Japan, the blue band is represented by Evolvulus sp "Sapphire" whilst the red sun is depicted with Acalypha sp "Firesprite".

Adjacent, the World Cycad Gardens feature a Japanese origin Cycad species - the Japanese Sago Palm - Cycas revoluta.

The Matsuura Pond is home to a stone Japanese 'snow viewing' style lantern and four Japanese Crane sculptures. Plants in this area again feature Australian natives and Asian origin exotics - this time to represent a Japanese 'feel' and appearance. Native Iron Range Bamboo - Neoleba atra, Oplismenus sp - a rainforest grass are juxtaposed with Dwarf Mondo Grass - Ophiopogon japonicus 'nana'- another Japanese native.