Masterplan 2010

Council adopted the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens Master Plan 2010, which is an updated version of the previous 2000 plan; to ensure it meets today's community, financial and environmental considerations.

The Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens Master Plan 2000 detailed the development of the new botanic gardens for the city and contained detailed investigations, financial planning and conceptual designs for the staged development of the site. In 2000 the overall development of the gardens was estimated at $14 million in a series of 10 development stages.

Following the construction of Stage Two of the botanic gardens development, the Botanic Gardens Reference Group advocated a review be conducted of the Master Plan to incorporate the development to date, and provide a guide for future development of the gardens, including the financial implications of the proposed work.

Mayor Col Meng said it is important that we constantly revise and update our development plans to make sure they meet our regions needs.

"There is no point in having a development plan in place that does not meet the requirements of our community and our region."

"When a plan is 10 years old we need to go back to the drawing board and check if it is still relevant and that the financial investment is appropriate and well considered into the future."

The revised Master Plan produced in consultation with gardens staff, community representatives and specialist horticultural groups ensures the completion of all works on the Lagoon Street and Nebo Road side of the Lagoons and puts in place an innovative vision for the area to the west of the Lagoons which will incorporate, water features, pathways, interpretive features, an entertainment precinct, car parking and connectivity to the entire gardens. The completion of the revised Master Plan is projected to cost $16.42 million.

"The Botanic Gardens will be a place of colour and entertainment. Visitors will be able to see the region's flora and be entertained and enthralled at the same time."

"Gardens staff will also be able to continue their extensive research program, learning about the unique flora of our region."

The development of the revised Master Plan has been funded through the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens capital Budget. 

All future funding of development works will be presented to council for inclusion in the Capital Budgets and, where available, external funding from State and Federal Agencies will be sort.

Click here to download the Master Plan and the Appendices