What's flowering now

Experience the magnificant colours and frangrances of blooming beauties and sensational seeds and fruits on show in our Gardens... now.

Just like Christmas decorations in the shops, the Christmas Orchid is appearing now!

...And it is Sun Smart!

If you look very closely at the individual flowers of the Christmas orchid you can see a small child with legs and arms, a cute little face... all under a very big sun hat. Come and see them flowering now in the Tropical Shade Garden of the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens.

The Christmas Orchid Calanthe australasica is an evergreen terrestrial orchid.

It has soft, obovate leaves which grow to 90cm with showy white flowers borne on erect spikes to 150cm in summer.  Commonly seen locally at Eungella, especially on the Wishing Pool Circuit, near Crediton Hall and in the Tropical Shade Garden at the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens.
Distribution: QLD, NSW, South-east Asia.
Propagation: From seed or by division.
Cultivation: Readily grown in heavily shaded, moist but not badly drained position in sheltered, warm garden and the Christmas Orchid is an excellent pot plant


Cordyline manners-suttoniae -Giant Palm Lily

I'm a palm lily native to coastal Queensland, where I'm found in rainforests, often in swampy situations.
In spring or summer, I produce an attractive panicle of white flowers, followed by cascades of bright berries which transform in colour from green, yellowish green, sometime pinkish to red.

You can find specimens of this plant in the Tropical Shade Garden of the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens and next to the path to the left of the welcome sign at the main entrance adjacent to the carpark. At the moment you can see displays of the flowers and the berries at the same time. A glorious sight.



Xerochrysum bracteatum
Golden Everlasting Daisy

Add a little everlasting sunshine to your garden...
These very popular plants bring long-lasting colour and warmth into the garden. There are many everlasting daisies available in nurseries with flowers varying from white through cream, lemon, canary yellow, gold and bronze.

This Everlasting Daisy has an erect habit and grows to around 1m in height. It has weak hollow stems and thin green leaves. Flowers occur from autumn to early summer and the plant will keep producing flowers particularly if spent flowers are continually removed. Butterflies and other insects love them and will flock to your garden adding another area of interest.

As seeds disperse, wild sown plants add a touch of surprise to your garden.
They are also excellent as dried flowers, keeping their shape and colour for years - just hang a bunch up-side-down in a dark airy place and let them dry for a few weeks.


Morinda citrifolia-
Cheese Fruit

The Cheese Fruit Tree is always found growing close to the coastline in tropical areas. It looks more like a bush than a tree with low set large broad glossy green leaves. The flowers are small, white and sweet scented. The fruit is elongated in shape with irregular depressions on the outer surface. The fruit turns from green to whitish-yellow when fully ripe. The fruit is unmistakable, with translucent flesh, many brown - bluish seeds and a powerful aroma similar to rancid cheese when very ripe. It is best eaten when two thirds ripe. The fruit is produced throughout the year. It can be eaten raw or cooked and the young leaves are also edible.
The tree is also referred to as the Noni or the Native Custard Apple.

Cheese fruit trees can be found in the Tropical Shade Garden of the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens and along the lagoon paths near the Heritage Gardens and approaching the Eulamere Boardwalk entrance.


Mackay Regional Council Queens Park houses the 'Ken Burgess Display House' commonly called the ORCHID HOUSE.

This fabulous  collection of orchids is situated in Queens Park in East Mackay, not at the Botanic Gardens which is in West Mackay. Admission is free and well worth a look.