‘The Art of Insecta’

Maya Harrison and Kate Brunner have a fascination with the natural world. Insects, the most abundant and diverse groups of organisms with amazing abilities and existing in almost every environment on earth, are their latest focus.

It is almost overwhelming to discover the variety of shapes, bizarre forms, designs, patterns, architecture, colours and millions of species that present in Insecta, a class in Phylum Arthropoda.

Typically adult insects’ bodies are inside out, consist of three main zones, have six legs, and two pair of wings, but their immature stages are just as fascinating!

Through their curiosity led research and creations, Kate and Maya, present some of their discoveries through paintings, photography, magnified illustrations, and whimsical representations.

Explore the fascinating world of ‘Insecta’ through their exhibition and maybe you will catch the Nature bug too?

‘The Art of Insecta’ is available for viewing from Wednesday, May 2 to Sunday, June 3 at the Lagoons Gallery within the Botanic Gardens Café. Opening hours are Wednesday to Friday 9am – 3pm and weekends 8am – 4pm.

Meet the Artists: 1.30pm, Saturday, May 5, 2018.

RSVP to Maya Harrison by Wednesday May 2 on phone 0436 331 009  or email maya.in.nature@gmail.com

Kate, Maya and Carolyn are co-creators of the children’s book “The Bungee Jumping Caterpillars” available at the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens.