Nature’s Reverse Pallet… an Exhibition by Kim Bagot.

1st Apr 2015 - 3rd May 2015

Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens Lagoons Gallery:

As a Botanical Illustrator and an Environmental Scientist, Kim is intrigued by the beauty that plants display. The arrangement of leaves, the complexity of a flower or a combination of both, these are the architectural features of her illustrations.
The theme of Kim's exhibition is to create monochromatic impressions of the architectural features. Reversing the beauty of the colour to black and white, she achieves this through the traditional mediums used by the Botanical Illustrator, Graphite, Pen and Ink.

Kim uses mainly two techniques in her artworks, that of stippling for precise depiction of the plants features and secondly, graphite rendering to depict the natural softness of subject features.
Image: Hellabour Leaf.

Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens Lagoons Gallery is open Wednesday to Friday 10 am - 3pm and Weekends from 9am - 4pm
Cost: Free
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Exhibit your artwork at the Lagoons Gallery

The Lagoons Gallery, located at the main entrance of the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens, features art exhibitions and displays with environmental and cultural themes.

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