Educational programs for students from Prep to Year 12:

Explore a range of activities and topics designed to develop curiosity, promote asking questions and be both fun and informative. From "find it" quizzes to guided walks, Curriculum linked educational sessions and presentations with a focus of hands-on learning - a memorable visit is guaranteed.


Experiences range from self guided walks, presentations, curriculum linked educational sessions, Informative investigations

  • Self-guided walks - why not use the Botanic Gardens simply for a fun day outdoors with your students? (Please remember to book). Cost free
  • Guided walks and tours - let our guides take your class on an informative tour. Cost free
  • Curriculum linked educational sessions -  Specifically tailored, designed by a teacher, and linked to your current curriculum or class interest with accompanying resources. Cost $5.00 student.
  • Fun visits - Try physical adventures in the 'Under the Banyan PlayGarden', interactive art workshops, leaf hunts, quizzes and 'find it' activities. Price determined after costing of activities.
  • Formal presentations for older students from local experts covering a diverse range of linkages - from best practice ecotourism, nature based studies, local wildlife and the importance of the environment to our urban areas. Price determined after costing of presentation.

Learning Investigations / Topics / Tours include:

  • Creature Features: Observing Mini -beasts
  • Turn over a New Leaf… Plant Biodiversity
  • Nature's Marvels: Living things and Life cycles
  • Bush Tucker and Useful Plants
  • Habitats: Wetlands Wonders and Rainforests
  • Dinosaurs in the Coal Garden
  • Ecosystem changes and Endangered Species
  • Kitchen Gardens and Composting
  • History and Culture of the Lagoons
  • Drawing and Design in Nature
  • Hide and Seek Trails…what's hides in the Gardens?
  • Water - the Wonder thing

Please note

Curriculum linked / Education Officer Sessions: Cost $5 per student. (Valid till 1.7.2017). These sessions are supported with children's activity / work sheets, clipboards and pencils, books, posters and other resources.

Self Guided Activities - Free. We can help you devise these learning experiences to suit your school, your children, your interests.

We can also acquaint you with the wealth of experiences the Botanic Gardens has to offer and thus assist with helping you organize your own self guided activities.

Please feel free to arrange a meeting and/or a guided walk to discover the Botanic Gardens for yourself.

We love visitors but we also like to know when you are coming, please call 4952 7300 or email

Can't come to us, then we can come to you

"Plant-ed Elsewhere" program

Our out-reach program creates learning experiences in your teaching spaces. We can visit your school to present a variety of topics including. (Fee $3.50 per student - capped at 25 students)

  • Wildlife and Wetland Wonders inspect mini-beasts and macro-invertebrates, observing creature's features, characteristics and their dependence on each other. A collection of live and pinned specimens is brought to your school with accompanying photographs, books and lots of information regarding life cycles.
  • Simple or Compound? : discover the leaves in your school, identify and sort leaf shapes, names and margins and learn the difference between Simple and Compound leaves.
  • Plant a seed and grow a mind: Seed displays including dispersal methods. Sow a seed in a recycled paper pot and watch it grow.
  • Life cycles of plants, moths, butterflies and other creatures.

We ask of you

Having introduced you to the powerful "living" resource of the Botanic Gardens,

We ask that you.

  • Please contact the Botanic Gardens for any planned School or Group visit. Even if you wish to be self-contained and do not require a guide or structured information, the Gardens staff needs to be aware of your visit.
  • Pass on this information to others who may be involved in Education.
  • Allow us to come and speak to you, possibly at a staff meeting and share what the Botanic Gardens has to offer.
  • If there is anything that you wanted us to particularly talk about with the students please don't hesitate to contact the gardens.

Please note: Maintenance like watering, mowing, pruning, whipper-snipping, and spraying could make the area you plan to visit inaccessible, events and functions may clash and wildlife may be 'on the move' in certain areas. If we know your plans, we can organize ground staff to fit around your desired timetable and site choice.